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The SUP has been described as the bicycle of the sea! Everyone can do it. And whether you’re just having a leisurely paddle on the weekend, or your charging some Rotto lumps, we’ve got all the boards, paddles and accessories to keep you out there with everything related to SUP Perth.

Our lessons are designed and taught by our Surfing Australia qualified instructors.

Starting with board designs and applications, the physio attributes, how to stand, which way to face the paddle, paddling techniques, relaxing on your board and having a lovely glide over the water



SPECIAL FOR 2021 -2022! In-house lesson and half day hire only $59.95

Our course is 1.5 hours and costs $79.00 (maximum 8 people) group discounts available

Once you’ve had our course you are eligible to hire boards at a discounted rate and when buying a new board you are immediately given a $79 discount!


Stand Up Paddling is a full-body workout from head to toe; balance, strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility, and core stability… and all at your own pace.

As SUP riding grows more physios, doctors, and personal trainers around the world are discovering the core strengthening that comes from people having fun. And this is no different for SUP Perth.

SUP Perth is growing like never before and as an activity, it is relatively easy to gain the basic skills in an hour. Once confident people are going in groups for a “paddle”, be it across a pond, a lake, down a river, downwind in the ocean or just standing around on your board having a chat while catching the odd two-foot wave at the local surf spot.

At SOS Surf we are the go-to people for the SUP Perth population. Contact our store at 9430 7050 for all your SUP Perth-related queries, as well as anything else about water sports and equipment.