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SOS is all about board riding. We believe it’s all


surfing and forms of surfing; Long boards, Short boards, SUP, Kite boards, Windsurfing, Skating, even just the way you walk down the street can involve you in the culture.

We have in house professional schools for any discipline you want to try out.

Our staff surf, kitesurf, windsurf, SUP, skate, freeboard, etc. It’s a lifestyle, and it’s a requirement of the job, but we don’t do it for work, it’s just what we do!

SOS is the one stop shop for all your queries, and purchases plus a whole lot more. Our knowledgeable staff can help you with all your surf related needs. We also can help with kite surfing lessons, SUP lessons, surfing lessons, skate lessons, as well as advice and tips on everything about SUP, surfing, skating, freeboarding and a range of accessories.

Our guarantee is if we sell you the wrong thing, we’ll gladly exchange it.

WE DO REPAIRS! Boards, kites, SUPs or anything! We’ve been repairing boards for 20+ years so you’ll be stoked.

For reliable and expert advice on all forms of surfing or any other boarding enquiries, feel free to contact our store today on 9430 7050, or shoot us an email at

Also, check out and like our facebook page to stay up to date on all that’s happening – in the shop and on the water;


SOS Surf Co.

Come down to the shop and say hi, or catch us at the beach!

Hoping to hear from you soon,

The SOS Surf team

12510429_10156391483385548_2173000147309106160_nJohn Geyer (JG)
Owner of SOS Surf Co, John has been surfing for 60 years and kiting for 17. JG is a complete, all round water-man. You can find him around the shop everyday except Sunday (yes guys, even JG needs a day off!)



13124745_10154509834188488_7147032836086847248_nSimon Beaton (Employee of the month 2014)
Writer, musician, explorer, poet. Wow you could say this guy has been a place or two ;). Did someone say The States? Better not mention that within ears reach.. you’ll be in the shop for days hearign all SImmos stories!! Simmos just a fill in right now as he’s working on a few other jobs, but who knows, every time you come in may be your lucky day!


1235333_10151783074982976_465089402_nTilo Gruenhagen
Our beloved kite instructor Tilo! What a guy! The true embodiment of the Fremantle lifestyle. He’ll take you from 0 to riding upwind in no time!



995068_10204351767339960_5139358578245209535_nKyle Hodson
Kite-repairer and Surfer, Kyle will beable to answer all your inquiries, and give you tips to improve your style in and out of the water. Kyle’s in the shops Thursday and Sunday to tackle all those tricky kite repairs.





15241757_1341043579253905_8184564768075616422_nHarry Cunningham
Enjoys a lovely picnic with his girlfriend that will find its way onto his instagram or snapchat. Keen IT guy keeps our website, facebook and instagram up to date with the latest stock and can also do skateboard lessons if you ask nicely. Harry works Wednesday mornings and every second Sunday.




Sam Harlick
Keen surfer and swimmer when not studying for uni. You can find Sam in the store on Saturdays and alternate Mondays.



10403336_10203705509696667_1194081562903468106_nTom Stubbs
Tom enjoys repairing kites on his Friday and Saturday’s. A keen Triple J listener. Is currently single, with aspirations to be the next Bachelor.



Cooper G11880677_10204641970438881_7648922834252302632_neyer
The bosses son, you can find cooper in store on the rare occasion.