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It is all surfing, and surfing is the root of everything we do.

Since 1935 when Tom Blake put a fin, “skeg”, on his board at Waikiki, surfers have aggressively/soulfully done their dance across liquid sheet music.Surfboard design has evolved from the “skeg” to; all balsa (originally for Joe Quigg’s wife and friends) circa 1949, polyurethane foam from Hobie and “Grubby Clark- 1957, shortboards -1967, ¬†lighter glass, wave specific shapes- guns, deep V, tear drops, winger stinger, twin fin, thrusters, potato chips, beans, epoxy -styro and on and on…to where now some surfers have splintered back to finless pieces of wood!The truth is just get a board and go surfing…new surfboards

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