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There was a time when skating was “side walk surfing”, when you stole your sisters roller skates and mounted them on a 1 x 8 inch piece of pine wood with slightly rounded ends… for me that was 1959-60.

Since then skating has taken on its own dynamic, truly one of the few spin-offs of surfing that developed it’s own culture, clothing and vocabulary. At SOS we focus on longboards and down hill sliders.

… and then there is the special case of the FREEBORD; designed by San Francisco guys to snowboard the streets!

Skull Cracker Cruiser

Skull Cracker Cruiser


Adrenaline Skull Cracker Old School cruiser complete



Adrealine Longboard


Drop-Thru trucks and unique board shape combine to make this the ultimate downhill skate carver

• Best Quality Canadian Maple 38” Convex Deck for remarkable response & performance, providing the right balance of flex for a great turning sensation
• 7” Pivot Drop-Thru Truck
lowers your centre of gravity to add great stabilty at high speed: no death-wobbles & superior turning
• Unique Cut-Away Deck Shape
eliminates wheel scrub through deep carves and sharp turns
• Chrome ABEC7 Bearings
for a super fast, super smooth & fluent ride
• Super-Fat 66x52mm Dished Wheels
Poured PU of 78A hardness to give the perfect balance between speed and grip
• Solid Wheel Hubs
to dramatically improve speed
• Pre-Buffed Wheels
to maximise grip even further

Vert Canadian


vert_canadian_31_568217ceafec1Ultra-Spec Skateboard with the best of everything
Wider 31×81/4” Double Concave Laminated 100% Canadian Maple Deck for unbeatable strength, ‘POP’ and response
Genuine Canadian Maple shipped to the factory, kiln dried, glued and pressed to order with featured coloured layers
Ultimate in smooth, fast & more fluent riding with ABEC9 RS bearings
Xtra-Pro 52x36mm 102A poured PU Ramp Wheels for better speed & performance on ramps or street
Larger Top Bushing for tighter turning and exceptional control
95A Red Urethane Progressive Bushings for smoother, more fluent turns & greater durability
High Performance 51/2” aluminium trucks
Choice of Woodgrain and Laser Etched finish, or Gloss Black with Woodgrain Features

Kamikaze Ramp & Cruise



The ultimate hybrid street and ramp board with super-flex bamboo deck• Best Quality 32” Bamboo Deck gives awesome spring back in driving turns. Bamboo not only looks cool, it’s a renewable source of material
• ABEC7 Carbon Steel Bearings for a super fast, super smooth, more fluent ride
• Super-Fat 75x50mm Dished PU 78 Wheels for the ultimate in ride comfort and road grip at high speed
• Solid Wheel Hubs to dramatically improve speed
• PU Progressive Cushions for quick response back out of turns, extremely durable
• Fantastic Angled Wedge Truck Spacers Greatly improves turning radius for better control on steeper hills
• Clear Grip Tape for superior foot traction

Carver Stacked 31.25″


  • Unique trucks give a surfy feel
  • Board comes complete and set up
  • C7 Trucks, 70x78A Carver Roundhouse, ABEC7 Bearings, Riser Kit.
  • 9 3/4″ wide
  • 6 3/8″ tail
  • 3 3/8″ nose
  • 17 3/8″ wheelbase

“A classic rounded squash tail with a full nose, the Stacked is so named because of the stack of peeling waves in Alex Krastev’s painted graphic. Stacked! The mid-sized length falls nicely between our shorter progressive models while inching up on some of our mid-sized models, making for a well rounded, universal cruiser. The extra width in the nose allows you to stand farther forward while keeping plenty of foot support, letting you take a wider stance and move around more. And the fuller template throughout feels comfortable, sort of like a mini longboard, but it never feels big. It easily retains a nimble handling, and with its 17 3/8” wheelbase has the stability to carve down steeper inclines and hold the faster line without twitching, as well as pump fast lines on the flats. The Stacked is the shortboard cruiser, the good commuter and pusher that can still dart up a driveway for a deep roundhouse while carving down a hill.”

El Barbaro

El Barbaro$300

  • Perfect for street and bowls
  • Comes Complete and set up.
  • Bear Spaceballs, 57mm Street Hawgs and Khiro Mounting Hardware
  • 30″ length
  • 9.3″ width
  • 14.13″ wheel base

“Leave no shred of pavement unskated with this street slayer. Flared wheel wells keep you planted and the beefy tail allows for some mighty quick turns. The El Barbaro is endless fun for pillaging urban” environments.”






7909nl8_20$355 – Bamboo Pro Package

$335 – Chaos Maple Pro Package

Freebord’s Pro performance package takes your ride to the next level, with everything you need to ride plus Freebords new 78mm Da Blues edge wheels. Fueled by rider progression and tested by Freebords Pro Team, Da Blues are the highest performance wheel in our lineup. Their custom shape, custom urethane and 45mm contact patch provide maximum grip while still delivering a consistent and predictable slide. Freebords most durable wheel

will elevate your riding no matter what style of rider you are. You will find these wheels under the feet of every Freebord Pro Team rider. All wheels on the Pro Package are poured in California

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