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KONRAD FOILS are the highest quality G-10/ Carbon wings with amazing lift due to the thick foiled wing entry. We have all sizes for kite, SUP, board, windsurfer. The designer of Konrad has been into foiling since the Laird Hamilton days. Come check one out. $1395.00


Ultra strong and designed to carve. 5’8″ x 19″



NAUT Kitesurfboard



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3 years in the making making, SOS Surf is proud to announce the third series of THE-ONE. This is the best all-round kiteboard for wave and down winder riding. We’ve spent a lot of time working on the bottom rocker, channels and rails to get the maximum release of the wide rail. The construction holds carbon under the footpads,a large spruce stringer (best stringer out there) held in an overall EPS blank. It has a quad or thruster option. The boards are wide enough that they continue to ride and drive through the lightest wind pressure. These guys will for sure get you stoked in the 2017/2018 season. We’re selling these guys for $1150 but they’re selling quick!