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kite-lessonsKite boarding is one of the most exciting versatile sports of the millennium, you can launch 10m jumps, ride waves, race or simply just go for a cruise. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and experience the joys that kite surfing have to offer.

Get Out There!

Kitesurfing lessons are our specialty. Each lesson is $200 for two and a half hours. Or book 3 lessons for $500. To book, simply phone the store on 9430 7050.

Why Get Lessons?

The first and most essential step on your way to becoming a safe and successful kite boarder is having lessons. A power kite has the potential to be very dangerous, if used incorrectly you can be very seriously injured. At SOS kite school we are very concerned at the number of inexperienced dangerous kite surfers currently using our waters, most of this stems from a lack of or poor quality instruction. At SOS all of our instructors are fully qualified and have at least 3 years kite boarding experience, ensuring that you will be getting the quality advice that is needed in order to safely progress into the sport with our kite boarding lessons Perth.

Having kitesurfing lessons Perth with SOS gives you far more than a two and a half hour lesson; as from that point on you are part of our crew, a team that is dedicated to getting you learning safely. The instructors are down at the local kite beach almost every day. If we see you are having problems or you feel like having a chat about what gear to buy or setup advice, without question we will always help you. SOS Surf Shop is also available for you to use, come in to hang out, talk about tricks you are trying to learn or anything else and you will be meet with friendly assistance.


From completely no experience to starting to ride on a board you’ll probably need 3 of our kitesurfing Perth lessons. It is essential that you take at least one introductory lesson otherwise you will be endangering yourself and those around you. Unlike other schools in the kitesurfing lessons Perth area we believe that to learn efficiently the group size of the lesson must be kept to a minimum, so lessons will be conducted with only two students per instructor. This guarantees that you will get the time and attention you need and gives you greater value for money.

1st Lesson

The requirements for your first lesson are a willing attitude and that’s it!!! In this lesson we will take you through the setup and safety aspects of the larger inflatable kites before its time to hit the water. Here you will learn further kite flying skills with 6m2 – 9m2 kites on half length lines. These skills include water re launch safety release, launching/landing before finishing up with a solo body drag and self rescue. The first lesson is the most important as it teaches you all the basic procedures and skills you need to kite safely.

2nd Lesson

This lesson takes everything you learnt in the first lesson and applies them to bigger kites and more power and gets your ready for the board. Now that you have learnt all the safety techniques you will spend more time in this lesson learning the skills you need to fly the kite with a board. There are a lot of subtle tips about body positioning and kite flying that you will need to have as second nature before you’re ready for the board. You also need to show that you’re capable of retrieving your board before you get to try the board.

3rd Lesson

Having completed all the other necessary kite flying skills it is time for you to put it all together and use the board. In this lesson you are one on one with our instructors using full length lines and a slightly bigger kite. Your first time up and riding on a board, even if it’s only for a few seconds, will be a memorable one. The skills you can expect to learn in this lesson are handling the board in the water, water start, and correct kite and board technique when riding.

kiting-lessonsCan I buy a gift voucher for someone?

Yes, come in to SOS and we can print you a gift voucher you can give to a friend or we can do it over the phone and email the gift voucher. They can then call us up and book for their paid kitesurfing lessons Perth on whatever date suits them.

What about advanced lessons?

At SOS our instructors are very proficient at riding with them having longtime teaching experience both nationally and international, if you are looking for some advice on how to further develop your skills as a rider then we are the guys. For $200 per three hours you can get world class coaching that will enhance your skills and teach you advanced tricks that will get you ripping like a pro in no time.

Discounts on lessons or gear?

Book 3 Lessons for $500. Save $100!

Right now we have a killer special on a complete package which includes a lesson. Click here to find out more.

Feel free to contact us on 9430 7050 for any questions on kite surfing lessons Perth. Otherwise, send us your questions via our contact page and we’ll gladly answer them for you quickly and expertly.