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2016 RRD Vision MK4

*Special prices while they last!*



*Special prices while they last!*

9m – =$1215 | 10.5m – $1266 | 12m – $1330


Bar = $580 //  Kite with bar = + $405



All Terrain kite

Introduced 5 years ago as an “entry level” allround kite in our range, the Vision has received tremendously positive feedback and likings from a consistently growing group of kiteboarders around the world. A real versatile, easy to use, fun, responsive and predictable kite that will allow you to freestyle, waveride, learn how to kite or go fast on a freeride board both upwind and downwind. A real thrill to have in your hands. Simply a REAL ALL TERRAIN MACHINE.

We have improved water re-launching also on the bigger sizes, a feature that is hard to achieve on a 3 struts kite. Now the Vision MK4 is ready to be your choice of quality if all you need is simplify your life and use only one kite that makes you do all you want to do.

Check out our video & review of this kite down below!


2016 RRD Religion MK6

*Special prices while they last!*



*Special prices while they last!*

7m – $1285 | 8m – $1340 | 9m – $1390


Bar = $580 //  Kite with bar = + $405


Another big step ahead for our most successful kite in the range.

RELIGION is synonymous of WAVE in the international kite language, and since its first introduction this kite has changed in every version together with the evolution of this discipline. Actually we can say that this kite has greatly contributed to improve the level of many stoked riders thanks to its phenomenal performance characteristic. A bullet proof construction, mixing the body construction between 40% heavy duty Dacron fabrics and 60% lightweight canopy. A unique mix used only in the Religion kites still today, creating a superior crash resistance and a huge lifetime extender.

This new design, allows also a bigger range of use, both on the hi and low end of the kite, extending the possibility of use practically to any day anywhere. More power, better lift during jumps and an enormous, progressive de-power that will stop the kite power exactely when you need it. Simply a throttle in your hands, gearing up your rides when you need power and completely release it when you use your created speed on the wave. Neutral, powerful and silly fast when willing to get out of troubles on wave sections that close out or when you totally need that extra bost to move to the next section. A perfect kite both in onshore and totally offshore conditions, tested in literally anywhere you could take it.



RRD Kites

RRD Obsession MKV

5m – $1549 | 6m – $1645 | 7m – $1695 | 9m – $1795 | 10.5m – $1895 | 12m – $1945 | 13.5m – $1995

The Obsession name is synonymous of RRD Kites. The kite is the benchmark of any freestyle or freeride kites in the market. Its incredible boosting ability, great turning speed and super low end power, make it a favourite choice for many who want all this but with control and safety.

The multiple bridle attachment all the way to the middle of the leading edge, make it an hybrid configuration kite that maintains its shape in the toughest conditions. The new MKV release, features slightly more bar pressure to allow better control of the increased low end power, thanks to a new more closed leading edge design. The wingtip design is slightly swept more backwards, to increase stability, with a high pressure point on the very end of the side lines attachment.

The leading and the trailing edge are both extra reinforced and the trailing edge features some of the finest details of kite craftsmanship in assembling kites, an RRD signature that separates an Obsession from the rest. The Obsession MKV is a totally new redesigned kite, keeping the main strong points of the previous editions, but with a more compact-like feel.

RRD Passion MKV

4m – $1449 | 5m – $1549 | 8m – $1749 | 9m – $1795 | 10m – $1849

Passion logoThe new Passion is a completely revised design compared the previous version.

The Leading edge arch has been based onto an exact section of a circle, making it a closer, more “delta” shape leading edge arch. This in combination of a shorter leading edge overall length, has reached and mix of perfect compromise of power handling and stability. The foil shape has remained the same of the previous version, but the leading edge thickness has slightly increased in the central panels, making it an very stiff, very stable support for the whole canopy material.

Faster turning speed, perfect presence of bar pressure. The special 3m version for beginners is also a new design, simplified to the core, with only two struts and a great low end power and stability for newcomers. A must for all kite schools. A small kite that flies well with light wind.

RRD Addiction MKIV

 5m – $TBA | 7m – $TBA | 9m – $TBA | 10.5m – $TBA | 12m – $TBA

The new Addiction MKIV are the new engines that will power the International Racing team around the world.

Developed over 6 month of hard testing from 4 to 40 knots of wind over the most diverse water conditions, these kites deliver pure, constant, controllable power on demand and a great range of use.

Racing has been developing to new higher standards during the 2012 season, where the best worlds athletes have been pushing the boundaries of performance in any given conditions, but one common rule has become more and more evident: the need of power delivery from the kites that can be handled easily from the kiter.

All in all the Addiction MKIV will give you all you need to forget about the equipment trim and simply concentrate in not doing strategic mistakes while racing. One last thing: don’t forget that equipment speed will always help you, but you are the one to race and stay ahead of the others.

Race well, results will come.