Carver Stacked 31.25″


  • Unique trucks give a surfy feel
  • Board comes complete and set up
  • C7 Trucks, 70x78A Carver Roundhouse, ABEC7 Bearings, Riser Kit.
  • 9 3/4″ wide
  • 6 3/8″ tail
  • 3 3/8″ nose
  • 17 3/8″ wheelbase

“A classic rounded squash tail with a full nose, the Stacked is so named because of the stack of peeling waves in Alex Krastev’s painted graphic. Stacked! The mid-sized length falls nicely between our shorter progressive models while inching up on some of our mid-sized models, making for a well rounded, universal cruiser. The extra width in the nose allows you to stand farther forward while keeping plenty of foot support, letting you take a wider stance and move around more. And the fuller template throughout feels comfortable, sort of like a mini longboard, but it never feels big. It easily retains a nimble handling, and with its 17 3/8” wheelbase has the stability to carve down steeper inclines and hold the faster line without twitching, as well as pump fast lines on the flats. The Stacked is the shortboard cruiser, the good commuter and pusher that can still dart up a driveway for a deep roundhouse while carving down a hill.”

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